Your Hospital Stay: Preparing Properly

As a Neurosurgical Anaesthetic Practitioner I don't often get to see the post-operative side to the patient journey. However, I know that while my Neurosurgery Consultants give good pre-operative information to my patients, not all are as thorough when it comes to preparing for a hospital stay. Utilising my own knowledge and some fantastic online support groups I've devised a list of ways you, or a family member, can prepare for a hospital stay, whether it's surgical or not.

Pre-stay:As much as you are comfortable to do so, inform your family, friends or work about what you're going through, ideally direct them to a charity information page to ease the explanation. Let them know which hospital you'll be in and the duration of the stay. Ideally arrange for someone to check on you!If you have children then please contact the school and let them know what is going on. So many measures can be put in place to ensure they're cared for while you're being cared fo…


As part of the Positive Stories series I wanted to do an in-depth introduction into how other Brain Tumour Warriors are promoting positivity beyond their own experience.  I work closely with Daniel, who is a Social Entrepreneur and the Founder of New-Fin. New-Fin is a company that seeks to help teenagers with the mental and spiritual aspects following Brain Surgery. At only 19 years old Daniel has survived major brain surgery and is thriving with his new found lust for life, working hard in college and with building his company. Below is a series of images of Daniel's journey.

New-Fin was born when Daniel noticed that his integration from hospital to home was something that didn't go so smoothly; I think this is something a lot of people resonate with. When you leave the four walls of the hospital you no longer have that continued specialised care and guidance; this lack of care leaves a lot of teenagers and young adults without the confidence to re-enrol in school, their soc…

Review: Tropic Skincare

My sweet friend Christina, who also has a Brain Tumour, got in touch with me at Christmas to see if I had altered my skincare brands following my diagnosis. I responded with a resounding no as I'm quite stuck in my ways when it comes to my regime!

This outreach of love from Christina got me thinking- if I'm spending so much time and effort into putting non-toxic, vitamin rich, organic food and supplements into my diet then why would I continue to cleanse, moisturise and pamper my body with chemical rich cosmetics? I'm not truly getting the 100% detox I'm after!

She introduced me to Tropic Skincare, whose formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients, such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides, embracing the latest green technologies and 100% Vegan.

Christina sent me the Discovery Kit which you can see in the image above. It's a methodical starter kit to change your morning and evening cleansing routine with ease and she also threw in a hand cream for my sore …

Collaboration News!

Happy New Year Everybody!
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas filled with laughter and love and that you managed to find a few minutes of peace and serenity in all of the madness that is the Festive Period.

Now that it is a new year I'd like to introduce to you a friend of mine called Daniel. He is a 19 year old Brain Tumour Warrior from the US and has recently started his own mentoring company called New Fin. Following Daniels personal experience with a Brain Tumour and Brain Surgery, his company provides teenagers with a special gift and a virtual mentoring service to help facilitate a healthy post-surgical recovery. 

Please visit to find out more! 
Daniel got in touch with me as I specialise in pre-surgical care in a Neuro facility, so we will be working hard over the next few months to design products to create a well rounded pre and post surgical care experience.We will also be working to develop packs that specialise in different parts of your brain tumour j…


I am filled with joy to be writing that my suspected Astrocytoma is 6 months stable! With every scan and result I can feel myself becoming more brave and more trusting in my body. I am more confident than ever that I will be able to heal myself through my positive attitude, alternative treatments and faith. Watch this space!

Positive Stories Series: Taylor's Story. A Family Perspective

Seeing loved ones go through cancer: At the age of seven, I watched both my Nan and Granddad end their battles with cancer just a year apart from each other. I didn’t anticipate watching any other loved ones go through the same.
In the June of 2014, a couple of days before sitting my A-Level exams, it felt as though my world came crashing down. My dad was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. I cannot even begin to underpin a single emotion I was feeling but it was an amalgamation of sadness, fear and anger.

I remember asking my dad how he was feeling after he had been diagnosed and I was taken aback when he responded with “ok”. He said that receiving a diagnosis was much better than not knowing what was wrong, despite me feeling like this was the worst possible scenario.
My dad’s strength throughout his chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery is definitely the reason why he is still with us today. I believe that his positive mental attitude worked as a catalyst for his treatments, shrunk h…

Helpful Nutrition - no BS

Helpful Nutrition for Cancer & Tumours: 
Over the past year, I’ve found it very difficult to find genuine and helpful nutrition tips without reading that I have to completely change both my diet and lifestyle.
Some people preach that a miracle cure lies within a particular diet, but most of these have very strict rules with limited food groups to adhere to- which makes for a very restrictive life. I simply don't want this. Some of you will recognise the titles: Ketogenic, Alkaline, Juicing etc…these have their short term benefits and can definitely aid weight loss but isn’t having cancer already hard enough?
What happened to just eating healthily and doing the best you can? So me days the basic tasks can seem impossible so doing a weeks’ worth of food prep or going out to the shop for fresh veg is simply not going to happen.
I’ve tried a lot of these diets for a few weeks at a time and quite frankly they really lower my quality of life.  Some days the best thing you can do for your…