Why I'm supporting The Brain Tumour Charity

I remember feeling so isolated when I was first diagnosed, it was as though I was the only person going through this, and nobody could possibly understand how I felt.

I was given a leaflet about my treatment course by my Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mary, who recommended I look up The Brain Tumour Charity, when I was ready to do so- AKA after the big tantrum I was about to have.  

After a simple Google I was presented with everything I needed on the easy-to-use website. I downloaded my Information Pack for those who are newly diagnosed which you can find here. In this is all the information you need about your diagnosis, your rights as a patient and how the charity works with you and for you.

It turns out there's a huge community of people willing to show their support to you even if they do not have a Brain Tumour. There's also a phenomenal amount of people in my exact shoes who I've been so lucky to be connected with.

I truly have never needed to go anywhere else for support and information. They have provided me with online support groups where peers can speak freely and openly and they are constantly working towards new research and Clinical Trials.

Here are a few more of the reasons I've decided to support The Brain Tumour Charity:

  1. The Research they do to find a cure sooner: nothing is more important to me than finding a cure for all brain tumours. 
  2. Their Campaigns: the charity is striving for earlier and a more accurate diagnosis. The HeadSmart Campaign is what drove me to see a doctor and has in its time HALVED how long it takes for a childhood tumour to be diagnosed. 
  3. BRIAN: Brain Tumour Analysis Network: sharing informations with other people with Brain Tumours to help limit damage, ease worries and gain hope- hoping to launch in 2019.

By 2020 I am aiming to have raised £5000 for The Brain Tumour Charity to help #FindACureSooner and ensure continued support and readily available resources for patients and families of those who have Brain Tumours. Please click on the link and donate, if all of my readers donated £1 I would have met my target already! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/moneyforbrains


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