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Review: Tropic Skincare

My sweet friend Christina, who also has a Brain Tumour, got in touch with me at Christmas to see if I had altered my skincare brands following my diagnosis. I responded with a resounding no as I'm quite stuck in my ways when it comes to my regime!

This outreach of love from Christina got me thinking- if I'm spending so much time and effort into putting non-toxic, vitamin rich, organic food and supplements into my diet then why would I continue to cleanse, moisturise and pamper my body with chemical rich cosmetics? I'm not truly getting the 100% detox I'm after!

She introduced me to Tropic Skincare, whose formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients, such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides, embracing the latest green technologies and 100% Vegan.

Christina sent me the Discovery Kit which you can see in the image above. It's a methodical starter kit to change your morning and evening cleansing routine with ease and she also threw in a hand cream for my sore …