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My sweet friend Christina, who also has a Brain Tumour, got in touch with me at Christmas to see if I had altered my skincare brands following my diagnosis. I responded with a resounding no as I'm quite stuck in my ways when it comes to my regime!

This outreach of love from Christina got me thinking- if I'm spending so much time and effort into putting non-toxic, vitamin rich, organic food and supplements into my diet then why would I continue to cleanse, moisturise and pamper my body with chemical rich cosmetics? I'm not truly getting the 100% detox I'm after!

She introduced me to Tropic Skincare, whose formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients, such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides, embracing the latest green technologies and 100% Vegan. 

Christina sent me the Discovery Kit which you can see in the image above. It's a methodical starter kit to change your morning and evening cleansing routine with ease and she also threw in a hand cream for my sore nurses hands! The kit retails at £28 and I'll tell you why it's worth every penny, especially if you're giving Veganuary a go!

Superfood Hand Cream: a light and fruity scent rich in Papaya. Goes on with a medium thickness but certainly not a heavy cream. Rubs in within 20 seconds of massage and doesn't leave an oily sheen. Hands are instantly refreshed and even though they feel like the moisture has been replenished; you can still use your hands effectively without slipping and sliding! 

Smoothing Cleanser: A tangy Eucalyptus scent and a moderately thick cream. The smoothness of the jojoba oil comes through when you massage this into your skin. Makeup remains are cleared instantly from the pores. Washes off in one swipe with the Bamboo Flannel without leaving a creamy streak. The Green Tea Extract leaves the skin brighter without that feeling of skin puckering.

Vitamin Toner: my two favourite things: Vitamin C & Aloe Vera (you know this is going to be excellent.) This is an easy to apply spritz and you can either leave it on without giving it a cotton wipe- great for the evening. Or you can wipe the slight sheen away for a daytime glow.

Super Greens Boost Oil: a single pipetted drop goes on green but rubs in clear and has the scent of a wooden sauna with a hint of leafy fresh vegetables. This oil is perfect for a night time temple and under-eye massage as it is quite thick in texture but the scent is not overpowering for sleep. The blend of nutrients will restore the dermis to glow once more, and the green colour will take away any redness. 

Skin Feast Nourishing Cream: a stronger scented hyaluronic acid cream which goes on the skin in a bonded fashion with quite a thick texture. A massage of 15 seconds on your preferred areas is desired to work in the ectoin molecules which are live protecting molecules. This can be used as both a day and night cream but should not replace your daily SPF cream. 

So if any of you want to make a positive change on the outside as well as the inside then I really recommend you give Tropic Skincare a go! If you would like to purchase anything, visit Christina's Tropic Shop - afterall she is one of our own and we must always support each other!

By 2020 I am aiming to have raised £5000 for The Brain Tumour Charity to help #FindACureSooner and ensure continued support and readily available resources for patients and families of those who have Brain Tumours. Please click on the link and donate, if all of my readers donated £1 I would have met my target already!


  1. I am so pleased you are loving your products lovely. If anyone wants to order over at my website if they add in my name Christina Lofthouse as the ambassador and WELCOME10 they will receive a 10% discount before the 3rd January on any spend over £20.

    So pleased I could do something for a fellow Brain Tumour fighter xxx


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