We're Climbing for a Cure!

On the 9th to the 11th August myself and a large group of friends & family will be climbing Ben Nevis in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity: we want to find a cure, improve quality of life and raise awareness of Brain Tumours!

All Brain Tumours are still currently incurable which is incredibly scary but especially when yours is inoperable too. There have been little to no advances in Brain Cancer Research since 1980, yet it is the biggest killer of all people under 40! Please help me find and fund a cure that can prolong my life and the lives of so many others too. 

Having a Brain Tumour is just like embarking on a climb: it's an uphill battle with unexpected moments of intense fogginess. You're carrying heavy baggage throughout the journey and you're always wary for the next trip or fall; you just hope someone will be there to pick you up. As there is currently no cure, having a brain tumour is a lifelong journey with peaks and troughs just like a mountain. I was declared stable this May, so I am enjoying the view from the top of my climb; however, so many people will never make it this far. Brain tumours are the biggest killer of people under 40.

Please sponsor us at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/moneyforbrains and share the page as much as you can!

This is going to be a difficult challenge as I recently had my knee reconstructed! I'm working hard in Physio to be able to climb comfortably! Of course 100% of the money raised goes directly to The Brain Tumour Charity.

A very special thanks to the climbers: Ed Cooper, Tim Dunn, Tom Green, Zoe Green, Simon Hill, Ryan Jennings, Talitha Jennings, Jodie McEwan, Oli Nash, Phoebe Parker, Dylan Pinches & Sue Smits.  


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